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101 facts about The Foxholski ...

# The founding members of foxholski played a gig at the Norwich Waterfront the day after they formed..(f) when they were collectively known as the five-piece-with-two-drummers 'Mavis'. A recording of this Waterfront debut is in existence..(f) but you probably would be better off not hearing it...
# Joanna Lily left school the week after she turned 14 cos she couldn't be bothered to go any more (f)
# Joanna Lily was once the bassist  in *Positive Shrew*(f)
# Kitty Coma played guitar and glockenspiel in *The Saucepan Lids*..who *of course* became the legendary "AC and the Ants*. (f)
#.However she also sang in the all girl group The Dolly Mixtures, who had songs entitled *We are the Dolly Mixtures*, *I was walking down the street and I saw a pair of feet*and *I had a sheep, and it was black*...(f)
# Joanna Lily actually spent a year singing *Breakfast at Tiffany's* in *rock club* at high school...(f)
# Foxholski currently have NO songs in the keys of D# or E#..(f) this is a travesty..(f)
# Rather worrying not too long ago, Kitty Coma actually contributed to Musicbanks Children's Party Album that included S club 7, Abba and Cher covers...* (f)
# Kitty Coma's first pet - Buffy the rabbit - was eaten alive by a fox.(f)
# Joanna Lily only started drinking Vodka two years ago..but she has been merrily catching up ever since...(f)
# The Foxholski song *Quicksilva* was originally included in the musical *The Lights go down* *cough* which Kitty Coma wrote for her GCSE creative arts coursework...although then the lyrics *weren't* about a woman poisoning her partner...(f)
# Joanna Lily's first pets were two wild guinea pigs, found in her grandparent's garden, who lived for ten years and only died when accidentally left out in the snow...(f)
# Kitty Coma once literally walked into Michael Stipe coming out of the ladies loo in a bar in Georgia (f)
# Joanna Lily's first toy was a mouse - Gerald - named after a character from a Pink Floyd song (f)
# Foxholski have been known to rehearse in bed..(f)
# Joanna Lily once owned an evil hamster called Serys who was sweet and lovely to everyone but her..(f)
# Kitty Coma's maternal grandfather died the same day she was born.....she brought good fortune all round...(f)
# Joanna Lily's father once tripped over a drunken Eric Clapton in a London doorway.. (f)
# Kitty Coma once *starred* in Trisha Ward's *Macbeth......The Musical*...(f)
# Joanna Lily was once a *wise man*, but the following year became a *medieval lady*... (f)
# When Foxholski recently gave one of their T-shirts with their song titles on the back to a keyboardist in a *well known band* he cheekily called us students...(f)
# Foxholski had a committed groupie before they had recorded a demo or played a proper gig (f)
# Natz grew up in a Drapers (b)..and Norfolk..(f)
# One of Kitty Coma's old school loves is *now* gay...and is currently in a touring production of Blackadder *playing Nursie* (f)
# Joanna Lily and Kitty Coma have both experienced the delights of prescribed Prozac...(f)
# Kitty Coma was one of only two girls who had to sing the male tenor part in A-level Music choral practice (f) 
# Joanna Lily was discovered in a Stove (b)..but grew up in Surrey and Norfolk..(f) 
# Kitty Coma together with *Magenta* once entered the *BBC Song for Christmas* contest ...they came nowhere with the gentle ballad *I'll be there for wanker*...(f)
# The previous year she entered the Christmas song contest for the programme Wacaday..but was only sent a Timmy Mallet cost her 5 to enter. Kitty Coma loathes Timmy Mallet.* (f)
# Joanna Lily has four Blue Peter badges... but can't find them....(f)
# Natz and Kitty Coma once almost came to blows with a very scary tall girl with tall hair over the ownership of a broken tambourine...the foxholski girls won....(f)
# Liv tyler and Drew Barrymore are both said to be interested in joining the band (b)
# Kitty Coma *grew up* in Chad (b) and Cambridge and Sussex.. (f)
# The band once turned up at Plug Studios as good as stoned and scared the owner's son away..(f) he hasnt been seen since...(b)
# *Tension* between Kitty Coma and *Christian the bass player* in their band *The Flumes* *resulted* in Christian leaving the course and running off to Norfolk...(f)
# Foxholski have a word to express regret, frustration and general amusement - *bulge*  (f)
# The *best* take of the Foxholski song *Joy Butcher* is 'arguably' the original demo recorded as it was being improvised with sampled dog barking, giggles and butcher shop references...(f)
# The Foxholski song *Do you think that I am bad?* was originally a song about car crashes that appeared on a dance compilation album which Kitty Coma recorded at the Millennium Dome.......umm in Norwich..(f)
# A salient proportion of the bands former temporary guitarists had round faces (f)
(f) fact (b) bolloxxx


At the Norwich Waterfront, one Saturday two years ago, five people met for the first time at rawkkkkkskool...well Joanna and Lisa had met before obviously because they are sisters... umm...anyway on this day, Natalie a bored-with-school drummer, Denice a lapsed singer-songwriter, Joanna a former bassist from Positive Shrew, Lisa the drummer from Mansun tribute band Little Kix and umm Gary (we have no idea what happened to him..Gary where are you??) instantly formed *that 5-piece-with-two-drummers*  - Mavis. They played one gig, the very day after they formed at Norwich Waterfront and then split up....Many many months later Joanna Denice and Natalie met again and started to rehearse songs in D’s house, initially just playing anything that was written 5 times as fast and 10 times as loud - though eventually we started to whittle it down to a set list and occasionally hire out Noisebox and the (much better) Plug Studios after Denice’s neighbours threatened to kill them and her cat kept eating all their plectrums and shitting in a plant pot at rehearsals. They played their debut in 2002 at the bank in Norwich and recently played the Ferryboat. The three piece agreed on the name Foxholski from a list that also contained 'the tampaxes', 'pat butcher fan club', ‘mother o'reily or sommet’ and ‘The Coxless Three’. They also went through a series of temporary guitarists - a salient proportion had round faces and would walk into the chandelier...a sure sign to us by the 5th one that they wouldn’t be staying... so they remained a three piece and foxholski was on the map...hurrah! Now known as ‘the reduced foxholski company’ . 


Quotes about Foxholski from The Stars


“Foxholski are the future" and "Foxholski rules" and "Norwich rocks”  and "Foxholski all the wayyyy!" (Ben Gautrey, TCTC)


“If you were signed you would be the biggest band in the world”  (Kieran Mahon. TCTC)

“Honestly, would you support us when we come back to Norwich?” Pete Doherty, The Libertines.


“Foxholski ist rad” (Didz, TCTC)


“I’ll definitely check you out in London” (Peter Hayes, BRMC)